Why “capturing memories” ?


When you look at those photos of you taken during your childhood, at your graduation, during those NS years, at all those gatherings with family and friends,does it bring more than a smile to your lips ?

It does for me, it reminds us of the feeling of being young and indestructible, the sense of satisfaction in a job well done, at the camaraderie with your brother-in-arms, the feeling you have with old friends and most importantly, holding the memories of those great times in your hands.

That is what I want to do for you, its more than capturing photos of you, it is about capturing those memories of yours, and bringing that smile and sparkle in your eyes many years from now when you look at those photos. 

Drop me an email at info@wallyphotography.com or contact me at 97930878 for a no obligations quote or to arrange for a meet up for me to know more about your wedding plans and how I can help capture those memories 

Cheers !!!
Wally Photography