How are your AD hours calculated?

You would only be charged based on the hours I am with you capturing your moments
For example
Morning Gatecrash+Tea Ceremony from 7am to 1pm ( 6 hours )
Evening ROM+Banquet from 7pm to 11pm ( 4 hours )
It would be a total of 10 photography hours booked

Will all images be returned ?

Although there is no limit on the number of photos taken on your wedding , screening is done to ensure the quality of the images returned to you. This is to ensure the images tell a story of your day when you look at them.
As there is no limit on the number of photos taken on wedding , there will be no need to pay add-ons with regards to the number of photos returned to you . ie , we will not hold your photos as “hostages” and require you to pay a “ransom” for them .

What is the format of the returned images ?

We will return all your edited images in high-resolution JPEG size and web-ready JPEG size.
This is to ensure that the images can be viewed on all platforms and OS such as MAC,PC or even LINUX.
With high-resolution JPEG , printing can be done up to at least 8R sizes.
The provision of web-ready JPEG sizes allows you to upload onto the internet to share with your family and friends using  FLICKR.com , FACEBOOK and SNAPFISH among other user friendly photo sharing services .

Will the returned images be edited ?

All images will go through a Digital Improvement(DI) workflow for brightness, color , contrast and sharpened for printing . On top of our DI , suitable photos will be converted into nostalgic theme, classic black & white and lomo photos .
Selected photos will be combined into triptych art to tell a more complete story of your day

What if I want more back & white or color pictures ?

The nature of modern photography is that the image can be resolved into a true B&W image or color so upon feedback from you they can be changed easily. However when I edit your pictures I choose the format that suits the original image the best , hence the image may not be quite as striking when changed

Do you have back up equipment ?

Yes I do have back up camera bodies and flash units to ensure hot swap if any equipment fails.
I would not want to miss a moment shot should technology fail

What happens if you are sick ?

So far I have not missed any weddings due to illness . Personally I have to be severely ill (chickenpox ,broken bones ,sore eyes) to not attend your day .
In this very unlikely event I have a list of other photographers I can call on
Looks good but is that all in your portfolio ?

There’s more from where the photos in our online portfolio came from .
But due to our clients requests with respect to their privacy concerns , not all of our works are displayed on the internet .

I hate having my picture taken

I call myself an observational photographer . I do not control your day , I help you document it , so I am there like one of the guests and only there when needed . Everyone is a little nervous when there’s at least 2 cameras are put in front of you documenting your every smile and cheers , its only natural but within 10 minutes you will be carrying on as normal , just take a look at the photos they speak for themselves

I really love your works but your packages not very suitable for my day..

These packages are just guidelines on how I can help you capture those wonderful memories . These packages can always be customized by adding/reducing hours needed , addition of services that are important and of use to you .
What is important to me is that my works draws you to me and how I can be of help to you on your wedding day instead of you accommodating your day’s program to suit my packages
Drop me an email at info@wallyphotography.com or contact me at 97930878 for a no obligations quote or to arrange for a meet up for me to know more about your wedding plans and how I can help capture those memories .